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Seasonal Sundays

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It's NOT about dishes (well,it could be, but that's not the point)! It's about whatever the season means to YOU! Maybe it's your travels or what you're doing with your family. Maybe it's about how you've decorated your home for that season or your table. Maybe it's about what you're cooking for this season.Or your garden!
Any given season means something different to each of us, so it's a great mix of ideas and concepts of what a season means to each of you.
"Inlinks" for Seasonal Sundays is up at 7 pm EST Saturday! 

Just a few rules:
  1. You must be a FOLLOWER for The Tablescaper.
  2. Your post must be about something SEASONAL and not be an advertisement or solicitation.
  3. Your post must contain a link to The Tablescaper.

It's easy to participate:
  1. Copy and paste the Seasonal Sundays button to your sidebar and post so everyone knows you're participating in Seasonal Sundays. The link is:
  2. Prepare your Seasonal Sundays post including whatever summer means to you. Be sure to provide a link back to The Tablescaper so your audience can locate all of the other links to Seasonal Sundays posts.
  3. On Saturday evening or Sunday morning come to The Tablescaper and link your Seasonal Sunday post. Put your permalink (the direct link to your Seasonal Sunday post - not just your blog address) in the URL box that is provided.That way viewers can see your Seasonal Sunday post, even if you've subsequently posted another post. In order to get your "permalink", right click on the title of your Seasonal Sundays post, click on "copy shortcut", and paste the link into the box when you link up.
-The Tablescaper