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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Seasonal Sundays #192 - Forcing Springs


Sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! Since this winter just won’t quit, with another snow storm on it’s way, we need to force spring along. There’s no better way to bring a burst of spring to your home than to force some bulbs. Not only do you get to enjoy the glorious color, but you get to enjoy the budding process and realize the growth process. Witnessing growth brings us joy and hope.





I’ve brought spring into my home with not only the bulbs, but the containers themselves. Dig around your home and discover what vessels you can find. The most unexpected can provide the greatest interest.




Even if spring is beginning to bud in your area, bring it inside your home. Your local nursery may have some bulbs still kicking around or you can purchase the bulbs preplanted and transfer them. No more waiting. Let’s bring this season of growth to our homes right now.



Have you been forcing spring along?

- The Tablescaper


Diane said...

I have tried only once to force bulbs and it was a great success. I do not know why I forget to do it each year. Thank you for reminding me - yours are gorgeous! The containers that you used are lovely. Spring is just around a corner for us in the South. Maybe, it will not be too far away for you!! said...

I agree, sometimes you just have to force the issue! Love your flour canister!

Sara Chapman said...

For some reason, the words on your post is huge, compared with everything else, that is. When I do a command-plus to make it at a reasonable size to read, the thumbnails get tiny! Thought you'd like to know.

Love the content of the post. I've enjoyed forcing bulbs but never in such beautiful old dishes. Those old painted roses really float my boat. Thanks!

Ann Krucek said...

I need this breath of Spring so bad. Just sitting hear waiting for the snow to hit! At least looking at your beautiful photos gives me hope. I have never tried to force bulbs - this might be a good year to try it, Thanks!

Madonna/aka/Ms Lemon of Make Mine Lemon said...

Your bulbs are just gorgeous. You did make it feel like Spring. Thank you again for a lovely party.

kitty said...

I wish I would've forced some bulbs, but if didn't this year. I did buy myself a primrose this week and that added some bright cheer. Your containers are so beautiful for showcasing your happy bulbs. Thanks for hosting!

Mindie Hilton said...

Thanks for hosting. My post was wishful Spring thinking too, with an edible wreath. Hope you enjoy it.

Sarah said...

Nothing like bulbs to say spring. We are expecting freezing temps again tomorrow night. Our gardens don't know what to do. The ginger had already sent up new shoots and the last freeze nipped them. Hopeful that more will follow. Will cover the area this time.
Love seeing your pretty "spring" containers. I'm ready to pull out some spring things and begin to think Easter. '-)

Custom Comforts said...

Love your pretty flowers that bring such cheer, especially with snow on the way again. I love how you've put them in such pretty containers.
Thanks for hosting us every Sunday.


The flour canisters are lovely, I love them. Yeah, I guess yiu have to force the bulbs sometimes Alma!
Thank you as always for the great party. Have a great Sunday my friend.
I am getting ready for the terrific Spring parties on Monday!

bj said...

Thanks so much for hosting...
and your SPRING looks wonderful. :)

Simply Suzannes at Home said...

Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

So beautiful!
Love the inspiration.
Thanks so much for hosting.
Have a great week,

Nici @ Posed Perfection said...

Thanks for the fun party! I love your idea about forcing spring into our homes! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Gorgeous photos! Thanks so much for hosting!

Poppy said...

Beautiful flowers blooming in pretty containers are sure to bring a smile to one's face, whether outdoors, or in, it's the unmistakable feeling of spring!!

Thanks for hosting and have a lovely week ahead!


Lady of the Manor said...

Your hyacinths are beautiful!! I've never tried to force bulbs but may give it a try after seeing yours. Thanks for hosting!

Mary said...

What a beautiful bit of spring! I adore your blooming containers as much as the flowers! Thanks for having me this week :)

tablescapesbybev said...

Beautiful the theme of this post!

Dawn WeCallItJunkin said...

No, I still have the Valentines decorations up! Too busy blogging and running the kids around, maybe today will be the day I can finally buy some daffodils and redecorate. Your vignette is so pretty.

Dawn WeCallItJunkin said...

No, I still have the Valentines decorations up! Too busy blogging and running the kids around, maybe today will be the day I can finally buy some daffodils and redecorate. Your vignette is so pretty.

Cottage and Broome said...

Your flowers are gorgeous! I'm going to go to Costco and buy a big bunch of flowers. I just came in from shoveling another 5 inches of snow, gurrrrr! Thanks for hosting, Laura

Martha said...

Great minds think alike -- mine are on paperwhites which are finally blooming. My hyacinths are gone -- usually it is the other way around! Sigh! Yours are beautiful and I like the containers which also say spring more than my forcing vases.

Terry Moore said...

Love the play on words, Flour/Flower and the pot is so beautiful. Yes, Spring is always desperately wanted when it finally gets here.

Denise said...

This is a lovely post, Alma. It really does look and feel like Spring. Beautiful Hyacinth bulbs and blooms, beautiful photography, and BEAUTIFUL containers!

Thank you for hosting -- Happy Seasonal Sunday to you!


Denise at Forest Manor

Sonia said...

I just love spring bulbs! Daffodils, iris, tulips and hyacinths are just wonderful inside. I love all your pretty containers too! I haven't forced any in a few years but I really should this year...what a treat!
Miss Bloomers

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

What a great idea! Forcing Spring! I have been to busy blogging about the blah winter to think too much about bringing Spring closer! Great post and great party!

gentlejoy said...

I love all of the beautiful flowers - we usually cut some peach branches and bring those in several weeks early,put them in water.....and have peach blossoms IN the house in later winter..... but we drastically "trimmed" the peach tree last year, so can't afford to cut any off. Maybe next year. :) Gentle Joy

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

You have inspired me, Alma!!!! I saw some potted tulips today at the grocery but passed them up. I am goig to go get some and use some UNUSUAL containers to pot them in!!!! Thanks for the idea! I love your hyacinths and the beautiful containers!!!!

Rosemary and Thyme said...

Hello Alma. Happy Sunday and thanks for hosting.

The Charm of Home said...

Your containers are just beautiful! I have been buying tulips lately. No sign of life in my yard! Covered with snow and ice here tonight too! Ugh.

Babs R said...

Beautiful! Love the containers you chose, and the way you grouped them.
Wish I had forced some now.