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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Seasonal Sundays #83–Kitchen Blues

Seasonal Sunday Teapot copy
Welcome to Seasonal Sundays #83.
kitchen 006
Now that all of the holiday decorations are down, do you rush right in and re-decorate? Are you on to the next holiday? I see some blogs have their Valentine’s decorations up.
kitchen 020
Or do you just re-accessorize your space with pieces from your various collections.
As much as I love stuff, I’ve got to admit, I’m enjoying having some clear surfaces. I’m sure this phase won’t last for long. LOL!
kitchen 074
I usually have some type of display out on this counter, but at the moment, having it empty gives me an opportunity to enjoy the kitchen itself more.
kitchen 015
I use this pot rack on which to store whatever seasonal dishes I have out. By having them in such an accessible place, everyone in the house knows which plates to use. It won’t be empty for long! There is a cozy spot for each of my fluffy ones. We have radiant heat in the floor so the kitchen is truly one of their favorite spots in the house.
kitchen 045
Of course there needs to be a place for the fluffy ones’ food. Blue Room Spode collection above.
kitchen 072
Here’s the table, at which you’ve all seen many a tablescape, without a tablescape!
kitchen 036
And you’re sure to find a tea cup here and there.
kitchen 032
One of the things…
kitchen 028
… that I love about my kitchen is…
kitchen 022
… all of the little nooks and crannies…
kitchen 035
… in which to display some of my favorite things !
Snow men 018
I love my kitchen. I think it’s pretty neat that we re-did the kitchen about NINE years ago and I still love it!
kitchen 054
There really is nothing I would change. There aren’t not too many projects that I can say that about, let alone one that was done nine years ago.
Snow men 015
The gas fire place is another of my favorite aspects of my kitchen. It’s one of my children’s favorite aspects too! You can be all warm and cozy with the flip of a switch.
kitchen 050
A decorative painter provided extra personalization, including a portrait of our home featured on a blue and white platter. Her shadowing techniques have fooled many an eye.
kitchen 039
I was completely obsessed with the details. The roping in the cabinetry is reflected in the window casing. The drapery finials coordinate with the deep cherry cabinetry.
kitchen 067
One of the details that confounded me was the chandelier. Despite MUCH shopping and internet searching, I could not find a chandelier that finished off my kitchen. Finally, with my selection of china, this chandelier was made for me by Wayne, a wonderful friend of ours.
kitchen 008
Neither that counter, nor that table will be empty for long!  Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to.

- The Tablescaper


Mary said...

Your Blue & White Kitchen...SWOON! So many wonderful features and what an amazing collection of china. Your personalized platter is fantastic & I ADORE your teacup tieback holder! said...

Beautiful! I'm enjoying the empty spaces and uncluttered feeling of the house right now but also looking for some wintry accents before pulling out the Valentine red.

Eclectically Vintage said...

Thanks for inviting me to link up - my Kitchen Collection and Owl Mantel. Love your kitchen - wish I had a fireplace in mine! Following along

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

My heavens, what a kitchen! It's just stunning, and gorgeous. No wonder your family loves it so much, every detail is just beautiful! Thank you for hosting!
Cheers, Andrea

The French Hutch said...

Wow, I love your kitchen, it's just fabulous! The dark cherrywood cabinets and all your blue and white looks stunning. You really paid attention to detail with the rope molding. The chandelier is the icing on the cake, it's fabulous. How nice for your fluffy babies to have a warm floor and fireplace, I bet they live in the kitchen. I love a clean slate after the holidays. With me no telling where my decorating will go!
This time of year we start talking travel, the reason for my post. Romantic Venice, just in time for Valentine's Day. Thanks for hosting.

The French Hutch

Barbara F. said...

Your kitchen is gorgeous, I love the rack to hold dishes and the doggie beds - very lucky doggies! I see you like Pennzy's spices, too. They are the best. xo

Lizabeth @ Infuse With Liz said...

OH my I do adore your kitchen too! That truly is a gorgeousand spacious kitchen! I would kill for it!! You chose well! Love all your blue and white china, curtains and's really beautifully done! You do have exquisite taste!
Love that chandi too!

Tanya@takesix said...

When I put my Christmas decor away, I then get out my snowmen, snowflakes, sleds, skates, etc. All manner of winter decorations! Everything doesn't look so bare, and I enjoy them for a couple months, before I start to rush the onset of Spring!! Thanks for hosting!!

Carol said...

I'm in love with your beautiful kitchen! How wonderful to have a fireplace in that space!


Susan said...

Hi! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I *LOVE*, *LOVE*, *LOVE* your kitchen! I can tell I'm going to be spending a lot of time visiting your blog!

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Your kitchen is so lovely! I adore white & blue together as well...especially in a toile! Love the little beds you have for your fluffies! Wishing you a wonderful Sunday and Happy New Year! Angie xo

Dining Delight said...

I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful kitchen! It is nice to have a "look" around fellow tablescapers' homes. I can see why you are still happy with your kitchen after 9 years, it is wonderful and still looks up to date. Terrific colour on cabinets, walls, counters, etc! Still enjoying Christmas here for a few more days then it will be on to a wintery look.
Thanks for hosting SS!

Annie Joy said...

Everything in your kitchen is lovely! I am in the middle of redoing something I did last night. I was removing (a bit late) my collection of Santas from my curio cabinet and creating winter displays with glass, crystal, and winter books and minature houses. I cleaned the curio mirrors, glass side panels and door, and glass shelves and put everything in place. It looked quite nice last night. (I will admit that my eyesight is not the best.) This morning, the sun was shining and all of the glass surfaces in the cabinet looked very smeary. I found out why when I went into the kitchen and found, where I left it on the counter, a spray bottle of Lysol Extra Strength Bathroom Cleaner, that I picked up instead of the Windex. I guess I would have noticed if the nozzle had been set on foam instead of spray! Tonight, I am doing it all over, and will post it to my blog (unless something else goes wrong). Happy Seasonal Decorating! Annie

Entertaining Women said...

I'm a trompe l'oeil artist, and I've don'e many a similar project. They look wonderful in your beautiful kitchen. Thank you for inviting us into your lovely timeless kitchen. Cherry Kay

Denise said...

Oh I love your kitchen!! I try so hard not to be envious of others, but I'm envious. My kitchen needs a re-do so badly, and yours is one of the prettiest I've ever seen. I LOVE all the blue and white. Your teacup tiebacks are darling and your chandelier is amazing. Every detail is just gorgeous. No wonder your doggies like to stay in there. :)

Thanks for hosting Seasonal Sundays and have a great weekend!

Denise at Forest Manor

Scribbler said...

Truly wonderful. After 9 years, the only thing I wouldn't dump would be my husband and my son. And that might require some careful consideration!

You do have a beautiful kitchen, one which anyone would be proud to own.

Thanks for hosting!


~Tablescapes By Diane~ said...

Hi lovely lady.
Wow your blue and white Kitchen is Beautiful and so inviting !!! I also think your collection of blue and white dishes go together great.. I would love a gas fireplace in my Kitchen sweet.

Thank so much for having your linky party today.
XXOO Diane

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

LOVE your blue and white Kitchen!! Stunning!!

Thanks so much for hosting!


Full Circle Creations said...

Wish I had a fireplace in mine. Thanks for hosting.


smilla4blogs said...

Your kitchen really is a "Rhapsody in Blue!" I love reading about the process, the hunt, the finds and sources of inspiration. When so much love goes into a space, it really does have staying power. Love all the dog beds!

Many thanks for stopping by!

Dianne said...

You kitchen is wonderful. All the attention to detail really came together in a beautiful way. Love your chandelier! Dianne

Shelia said...

Oh, my goodness! Your kitchen is the most gorgeous I've ever seen! How beautiful! I love your blue and white pieces (I've posted about blue in my very humble kitchen too!). Your stove is fantastic! I just love everything in your kitchen. That platter painted with your home is perfect and it really does look like it's just hanging there! Thank you for hosting your wonderful party.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

kitty said...

Oh my, I loved peeking in at your kitchen! There's so much to love...the teacup tiebacks, all the gorgeous blue & white, the fireplace, the platter, but most of all the one-of-a-kind chandelier!!!

Nann from At Nann's Table said...

Your kitchen in GORGEOUS! I love all things blue but it doesn't matter what you put it there it will be beautiful!!

Thanks for hosting such a great party. I love to be part of it. Its so much fun seeing so many creatvie ideas and meeting such wonderful bloggers that come here. I've made alot of new friends thanks to you. And I do appreciate it!!!


Pattie T. said...

Your kitchen is stunning! I love the flowers painted on the wall, did you do that? I'll be moving house this Thursday and can't wait to start playing in a new kitchen.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Fabulous kitchen....Love, love the baq stool covers...and your china is gorgeous....

Rettabug said...

What a GORGEOUS kitchen, Ms. A!!! I think every detail is just perfect & what wonderful touches you added to make it so personal. ♥♥♥ the chandelier & the teacups & all your beautiful blue & wonder you have so much!
Thank you for sharing your cooking truly IS the ♥ of the home!


Jacqueline said...

Wow...what an amazing kitchen! I love that it has a fireplace. I too am enjoying less clutter around the house right now...feels clean. But I'm sure that won't last for long.

Rose H (UK) said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE your kitchen! Blue and white does it for me too ;o) all the wonderful detail - the plant and pot stencilled onto the wall is just gorgeous.
I'm pleased the house is back to 'normal' too.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Flea Market Makeovers said...

Thank you for inviting me to join your linky party! You kitchen is BEAUTIFUL! I love it.

Thank you for hosting.

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

Beautiful! I'm like you in that I enjoy the uncluttered feeling of the house from time to time. It gives me am empty slate to work with for! LOL

Bonnie Schulte said...

Oh Wow! Your kitchen is amazing. I LOVE your cherry cabinets, and the vent above your range....Love your counter tops, love your flooring, and the stainless. It is all so beautiful together. I LOVE LOVE it all!!!! The most gorgeous kitchen I have EVER seen in blog world.

Diann said...

I love your kitchen! Just beautiful! And that chandy is gorgeous! What a wonderful custom piece! Thank you for hosting and have a wonderful day!

Kathleen said...

Your kitchen is beautiful!
Love the chandy. My mom frquently had vases made into lamps. I am so sorry i didnt keep her beautiful capidomonte vase lamps.
I like nothing on the counters, a true clean look, but i have to keep the toaster oven and coffee maker out. Dh would flip if he had to take it out all the time.
I just got rid of my blue and went to yellow. 10 yrs , it was time!
Love your cabinets. They remind me of what i had in our last home.
Do you go to the Penzeys in Huntington for your spices?

Jojo said...

You just can't post gorgeous pictures of your kitchen without telling us about some of the details about what's in all those nooks and crannies!! That clock, that tell!! It's all gorgeous!!

Amanda said...

LOVE all the blue and white. Beautiful! I want to visit that kitchen! It really is wonderful. Blue Italian Spode is one of my wedding patterns and I still love it! Married 13 years tomorrow:)
Thanks for hosting us.

Patsy said...

I really love your kitchen and your "blue collection"! I have collected Blue Willow for years...started because I had a few of my grandmother's pieces.

Thanks you for letting me share a recipe on your lovely blog!

La said...

Our house is bare right now. The Christmas decorations are in the attic, but I have been too busy with my dad's recuperation that I haven't created any new vignettes.

I love your kitchen and can understand why you love it so much.

Happy New Year! La

AshTreeCottage said...

Love, love, love your kitchen! I mean I really love it!

Susan and Bentley

kate said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely blue and white kitchen, you've done a great job!! Esp love your fireplace and all your antique special.

SmileyIsles said...

I love your kitchen, it's beautiful. I especially love the fireplace. What a wonderful idea. Where is it in relation to the rest of the kitchen? Would it be behind people's backs when they are sitting at the counter? We are just starting our kitchen redesign and I am going to see if we can get a fireplace in there, so I need details!! hahah... Lovely kitchen, thanks for sharing!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Beautiful kitchen and I love your blue decor right now. I'm not doing much of anything right now with decorations. hugs, Linda

Gail said...

You said you wouldn't change a thing about you kitchen, nor would I if I had such a lovely, spacious kitchen. Your kitchen is the ideal.
Re non-seasonal decorations, during winter and part of summer, i use only my favorite things that are non- seasonal, timeless, just by themselves, to be fully enjoyed without the distraction of holiday or seasonal whatnots.

Kathy said...

Blue and White - Yummy. It is always a classic and a passion of mine. Your home is simply lovely. I see why you have not tired of it and you never will. Every detail is wonderful down to the toile dog beds. Your cup tie back is so clever. Thanks for sharing and for hosting the party. Kathy

lulumusing said...

Boy, do you ever have the perfect showcases for all your lovely blue and white. Organization was a priority for me before the holidays, and now I don't want to mess anything up!

annie said...

Your kitchen is so pretty...I'm sure it's pretty at Christmas too, but it is nice to have it "back" after the holidays least until February 1st when it's time to decorate for valentine's day. Thank you for inviting me to join your link party!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Your kitchen is absolutely stunning. From the fireplace to the window treatments and all the lovely vignettes of the blue and white china. Just love it all!!


Your blue and white kitchen is stunning! I love the wood look, I'm partial to wood, I just lve it in the kitchen. Looks so wonderful and declattered, I love that too. I love your blue and white transferware collection of dishes, so lovely. Thank you for hosting, I'm late, but just got back from going away for the weekend.

Trish - Sweetology101 said...

wow..look at the kitchen! Stunning. Thank you for hosting.

Marsha Yeager said...

I so enjoyed the tour of your kitchen. It truly has lots of great details and charm. Thanks so much for letting me visit.

Jan@southernjunkin' said...

Lovely! I'm linking my mardi gras table with you today! Thanks for hosting!

Andrea (Softer Side of Me) said...

I love your kitchen too!! The coziness from the fireplace to the attention to details, down to the teacup chandelier is a perfect recipe for success... Just spectacular!! Thank you for sharing your love for blue and white! Andrea

Leslie's Garden said...

Your kitchen is beautiful, so many fun and interesting things to see. All the blue and white pieces you have are enough to turn me green with envy! Love the chandelier! How lucky you are to have such a talented friend!

Debbie said...

I thought I was wowed through the whole thing, but when I saw your custom made chandelier, I KNEW that was my very favorite part.

I mean it very sincerely that yours is one of the loveliest I have ever seen.

koralee said...

I love your kitchen...stunning! All the sweet details! xoxox HUgs

Jessa Irene said...

SO stunning. Amazing kitchen, wonderful blue and white decor. So much heart in this home, lovely!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh, I am drooling. Your kitchen is gorgeous! That dark wood on the cabinets, the rope detail; the gorgeous blue and white china (love the painting of your home); blue toile curtains and dog bed, and that great chandy with the tea pot in the center. Not to mention that fireplace surrounded with the wonderful tiles. All of it is perfection. I can see why you still love it 9 yrs later. laurie

Ivy and Elephants said...

I am drooling over your blue and whites. Especially that darling chandy of yours. That is just to die for. I must find that tassel. I am so in love with that piece. I would love it if you could link this amazing post to our linky party. I hope you can join us.


laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I came back to look at your gorgeous kitchen again and to pin a picture of it. laurie

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

I am a fairly new Follower to your blog, so I've never seen your kitchen... And oh my! What a gorgeous one it is! Not only the kitchen itself, but all of your details, such as the window treatments, etc. Just beautiful.

Meredith said...

Your collection of blue transferware is exquisite. Absolutely beautiful.

Norma said...

Love your beautiful blue and white kitchen! I enjoyed seeing your small Royal Copenhagen plates beside the fireplace. I also collect Christmas plates including RC and Bing & Grondahl.